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Abhishek and Aishwarya will re-create the magic again

Abhishek and Aishwarya’s chemistry in the film Guru was spectacular and appreciated. Seems they are all set to create magic on screen again.

Aish had earlier confirmed that both was approached by Kashyap for a film titled Gulab Jamun. Abhishek told “That film is not Anurag’s film. It is by a new director and he (Anurag) will be producing it. We are still discussing it. We can’t announce anything yet. I have always maintained that it is better if the film’s producer announces it.”

The film was directed by JP Dutta, who also gave Abhishek his Bollywood break with the Refugee. Abhishek siaid “After few months of the release of Border, JP saab came to me and offered me my first film. I am here as an actor today because of him and JP films. I owe them everything”.

In interview when asked about the trend of remakes and sequels, the actor said, “I think a film like Border is still very fresh in everybody’s minds, so it will be difficult to remake that. Today, sequels are in trend but there is only one person who can make a sequel to Border and it is JP sir. If he says no, then I guess there will be no sequels.”

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