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Actor Hrithik Roshan to launch workout course

The actor Hrithik Roshan, with his fitness trainer, has devised a three-level workout course. Physical fitness has been at the center of Hrithik’s for any film.

The actor is set to take his commitment higher by launching a workout regime for everyone who wants a body like his, which he has designed with his personal trainer, Mustafa Ahmed.

Both will also train a bunch of experts from select gyms in the definite knowledge, technique and philosophy endorsed by the regime.

Mustafa said “Through this initiative, he hopes to share with people all the knowledge he has acquired about healthy living and the gym”. Mustafa Ahmed who has been training with Hrithik since January 2016.

“The workout is inspired from animal moves. Exercises include compound and functional movements, lots of stretches and core strengthening. The aim is to help people move more freely, without pain and it’s done in a way that challenges everyone.”

The three-level course of fitness will be available from next month. The workout routine doesn’t involve diet plans but will emphasis on the importance of eating right.

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