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Aditya Narayan loses his temper at the airline staff

Bollywood singer Aditya Narayan, was caught on camera abusing and threatening Indigo staff at the Raipur Airport. As per Republic, Aditya was stopped at the airport since his luggage was more than the cabin limit.

Aditya lost his cool and blamed the airline staff of abusing him first. At one point in the video, he is heard yelling, “Teri chaddi na utari, mera naam Aditya Narayan nahin hai.” In fact, he also threatened the staff by saying, “I will see you in Bombay. At some point or the other, we will reach Mumbai and then we shall see.”

Meanwhile, Indigo has said that Aditya was conveying excess baggage and refused to pay the full charge, which added up to Rs 13,000. The airline has also accused him of abusing a female member of their staff.

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