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Amazing Tips to make your Living Room look really Big.

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Living rooms are the place to be in always and to make them look bigger is the Best thing to have. So here are some quick tips to make your Living room look bigger and better.

1. Lightweight curtains and fabrics.
Try having light weight curtains, sofas and seaters so that you are room is not weighed down by heavy dark colors. Keeping it light increases the room space and makes the room more airy to look at.

2. Have cool colors for the walls.
White or lighter shades for the room are must to make them look larger and cleaner. Having the lighter shades of blue, orange and green can enhance the overall look and feel of your room.

3. Keep your windows clean.
Don’t use any graphics or designs for the window glasses which you have as they do tend to make your room smaller.

4. Try keeping your floor visible.
Don’t use carpets or mats for the floor as they hide the overall look of your floor. Try keeping things in a way so that your sofas, tables and stands are easil visible and the floor is always clean.

5. Be clever with your lighting.
Use lighting on the corners and try using focus lights to enhance the overall look of the room. Small size table lamps are also good for the room.

6. Mount your TV
Mount up your TV if you have a small living room as you would be able to free up some space. Glass fitting on the walls for TV and other Gadgets is also a great idea to reduce space constraints.

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