Easy and Effective Hair Care Tips

We love watching the celebs with long beautiful hair… But no one that a lot goes into maintaining that hair style. That thick, shiny and bouncy hair style is loved by everyone around you and keeping hair healthy in an effective way is a must. So here are some quick tips to make them look smarter and healthy.

1. Try protecting your hair from the daily harsh sun and winds. They can ruin your hair in no time at all. Try covering your hair with an umbrella or a cloth to protect your hair.
2. Keep your hair moisturized with a good conditioner every time you wash them. Missing this step would mean that your hair would be dry and not easy to handle.
3. Avoid brushing up your hair immediately after a shower as its harsh for your head. Generally when your hair is wet, the roots are more prone to sustaining damages.
4. Don’t apply too much of heat to dry up your hair. Use iron straighteners only if they are required. Over heating could some times result in hair fall as well.
5. Don’t use Cotton Pillow covers as they might increase breakage of hair.
6. Oil The Hair and Scalp on a routine basis as its good for your hair.
7. Use cold water to clean up your hair. Hot water is generally termed as not good for your hair as it affects the scalp and the hair growth as well. You can clean up your hair using water at room temperature.

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