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Exercising in Children help in reduction of Stress and Obesity and Increase Brain levels.

Studies have shown that regular exercising, cycling, Muscular and aerobic fitness exercises helps increase working memory, indirectly helps in increasing academic achievement levels in children as well. Continuous exercise practices help in enhancement of working memory in preadolescent boys and girls. Kids aged in between 5–17 years should progressively workout or indulge in intensity based sports activities for around 45-60 minutes daily. Daily Physical activity should include outdoor sports, running and jumping based games, physical planned exercising, etc.

Studies have also shown that greater aerobic fitness is associated with better performance in algebraic math. You must encourage your kids to try walking and bicycling at least for 30 minutes a day and not letting them hang around their Tech based gadgets all the time. Try to expand your role in promoting physical activity by making them play some running based games at home. Such games would not only reduce their stress and obesity levels but will also make them more physically active.

Even WHO has mentioned that “Physically active and young people can do better in their academics which will also improve their self-expression, confidence and their social interaction compared to the more sedentary children across the globe.”

So why not spend our time daily and let’s make our kids more active and healthy and brainy.

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