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Fans declare Shah Rukh Khan is the King of romance

Shah Rukh Khan has enchanted his way to the top and demonstrated why he’s King of Romance. A week ago amid the Janmashtmi weekend, we ran a survey about who is the most loved Krishna of Bollywood. Furthermore, fans have voted in favor of SRK as a definitive Krishna of Bollywood (with 38 rate votes). Alongside Shah Rukh there were Salman Khan, Akshay Kumar and youthful stars like Ranveer Singh and Ranbir Kapoor too vieing for this title.

While SRK was named as the Charming Krishna, Akshay Kumar was the Krishna of all seasons, Salman Khan was the mate Krishna, Ranveer Singh as devious Krishna and Ranbir Kapoor as coquettish Krishna.

Fans cherishes the on screen and also off screen persona of SRK, that is the reason SRK is named as the King of sentiment. His onscreen persona is of the kind that can make any young lady experience passionate feelings for him in a split second, the evidence of which even Salman Khan supported in a scene in Sultan. His off screen persona is out and out what he is on screen. Independent of the sexual orientation, wherever he goes, he is constantly encompassed by individuals, much the same as Lord Krishna. Likewise his life’s rationalities are second to none and moves individuals all around. Another attribute Lord Krishna was known for. Keep in mind “Gita Saar”?

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