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Staying healthy is the most important thing for a Human being and eating healthy is the main mantra behind being Healthy. Filling up your kitchen and fridge with half cooked food is not good and can add up to your daily calories in a big way… So here are some handy food tips which are must for your Fridge.

1. Have carrots, cucumbers, tomatoes in your fridge.
2. Fruits are the best friend to staying healthy. Have fruits like apple, grapes, berries, mangoes, watermelons in your fridge for a daily intake.
3. Green salad and food things are good for your health. Having daily healthy salads are a must nower days and you must keep them in your daily schedule.
4. Dry fruits, Dates, Raisins, Dried Apricots, etc. are good for your health and you must keep them handy always in your Fridge.
5. Milk products like Curd, Paneer, Milk, etc. are also healthy things you must keep in your fridge.
6. Frozen vegetables and eatables like Corn, peas, sprouts, etc. are also something which your freezer must have.

So there are a lot of other things as well which might come to your mind and you might plan of keeping them handy in your Fridge. Do let us know if you have any. But do remember that leading a healthy life in the crowded and busy world is a must and we must take care off all our body parts in the Best possible healthy way.

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