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Hrithik praise to Ranbir Kapoor on twitter

Imagine what happens when your philosophy of life turns into a motivation for a lesser and the individual begins carrying on with his or her life on an same lines from you do. A complete sense of achievement fills you. Something similar has happened with Hrithik.

For Hrithik Roshan, achievement is not one’s experience with fame or being rich. Rather for him, the genuine definition of accomplishment is being the best form of yourself. And now it is Ranbir Kapoor who has embraced Hrithik’s mantra of life. In a recent interview, Ranbir was quoted as saying, “I want to be the best version of myself.”

After Hrithik came across the positive perspectives of Ranbir about success, he quickly took to his Twitter handle to appreciate the Jagga Jasoos actor. He tweeted, “Well said Ranbir ?.” Now we know Ranbir is not on any social media platform but we hope Hrithik’s words reach the actor soon.

In an interview which Hrithik gave in 2015, he said, “If you’re able to connect with people, if you’re certain enough to say ‘I can do this’, if you manage to have enough variety in your life, if you’re not stuck in a monotonous every day journey, that to me is success. It’s not about the money or the fame, not about working hard, that’s all great but it should come as a consequence of being the best version of yourself.”

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