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Kareena Say On Nepotism By Kangana Ranaut

Most of the celebs decides to be silent on Kangana and Karan’s fight, Kareena Kapoor Khan has a very neutral reaction over the issue. Kangana Ranaut had recently blamed Karan Johar of supporting nepotism in the industry, to which Karan Johar responded by saying that she has to stop playing the victim every time and should leave the industry if she finds it bad.

In an interview, Kareena Kapoor Khan expresses her opinion on what she feels about it. Kareena says, “I don’t take Karan Johar’s show very seriously, probably because Karan Johar is my brother and it is something that it’s a fun show.”

Kareena added, “I don’t think that he himself take things seriously whatever he says on the show because he is a very free spirited man. He is somebody who is very magnanimous and very big and very humane. So, I think it’s a show that’s meant to be in fun. I don’t think it’s meant to be dissected and talk about he said this and that… I don’t think so.”

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