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Keep your Heart Safe and Healthy

Keeping your heart safe and healthy is a big need of your body and complete system. A sound way of life style will make your heart more healthier and beautiful. Eating healthy and a perfect diet with least amount of Stress helps in keeping it healthy.

So here are a few tips to keep it working and running.
1. Stay away from Smoking
Quit smoking if you do smoke. Its a must to keep your heart healthy and for accomplishing the goal of well being of your body.

2. Keep your Blood Pressure in Check
Blood Pressure needs to be checked on regular basis and in the event of high levels, proper diet and medical controls are must.

3. Keep a Check on Cholesterol levels
Cholesterol is a greasy substance conveyed in your blood which makes your blood thick and not good for your heart. Higher and poor Cholesterol levels can result in a heart attack or stroke.

4. Keep a Check on Weight
Being overweight can increase the dangers of heart attack or stroke. Eating healthy and balanced diet with plenty of fruit and vegetable diet is a must.

5. Keep a Check on Diabetes
If you are a diabetic person, then keep a check on sugar levels is a must and you need to get the levels checked on regular basis. People those who are not Diabetic also need to keep a check on Sugar intakes.

6. Stay Active and Running
Regular exercises and activities which are healthy like playing, dancing, running, etc. does help you in keeping a check on your daily physical routines.

7. Eat Nutitious Foods
Eat nutritious healthy foods which can keep a check on your blood pressure, cholesterol, diabetes and weight. Eating good nourishments can keep a check on your weight.

8. Reduce use of Salt
You must eat lesser quantity of Salts for keeping a check on the blood pressure.

Some other points which you must keep a check on are… Drink less of alcohol, Eat Fishes if you like, reduce saturated fat, eat more of fibre rich food.

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