Masala Bhindi – The Yummy Bhindi

masala bhindi served hot

Masala Bhindi is a well known main course dish made with bhindi cooked in flavors and served hot. The masala bhindi recipe is quite easy to cook at home.

Whats required to Cook Masala Bhindi.
– Around 400-500 grams of bhindi
– 3-4 onions
– 1 tblsp each of Ginger and Garlic Paste, Cumin Seeds, Chilly Powder (red), Coriander Powder, Garam Masala, Amchur and Turmeric powder
– Cooking Oil
– Salt as per Taste.

Lets start now as you have all the ingredients required to cook.
– Wash the bhindi in luke warm water and cut the same into small equal sized parts. Side by side warm up the cooking oil in a medium sized kadai. Add the cumin seeds in the Cooking Oil and let it splutter for around 5 mins.

Chop the onions and add them with the Ginger and Garlic paste. And fry the same till they turn golden brown in color. Add the bhindi with the Fried Onion Masala and add the rest off the flavors in it.

Mix them well and keep cooking them on medium flame for around 10 minutes. Keep stirring them so that they dont get stick at the bottom of the pan/kadai.

Keep cooking them once the bhindi turns a little dark and soft. And there you are… Masala Bhindi is ready to be served hot with Chapatis or Puree.

Enjoy the Masala Bhindi and do refer the recipe with your Friends and Family as well.

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