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Pahlaj Nihalani stepping down as CBFC chief

Filmmaker Pahlaj Nihalani was sacked as CBFC chief. He had no regret to step down, is proud of being labelled as ‘Sanskari’ censor chief.

Pahlaj was appointed to the post in 2015 and has been replaced by writer-lyricist-ad guru Prasoon Joshi.

He is the most controversial censor board chairpersons who ran into fight with film producers over cuts, beeps and disclaimers he insisted on.

Pahlaj said “I had been preparing myself for my exit for months now. Actually, from the time I came in there have been elements working against me, some of them from within the CBFC. These elements — I’m not going to name them on-record are currently celebrating premature Diwali. Unka toh tyohaar mere jaane se ho gaya (They are in a festive mood because of my ouster)”.

Pahlaj said when asked about any regrets about his departure? “None at all. Believe me, I was brought in as the CBFC chairperson all a sudden. I happily took up the job that the government thought me fit for. Now when the government has asked me to step down, I do so without any regret. It was a big challenge while it lasted. When I came in, there was rampant corruption in the CBFC. I got rid of all the middlemen and touts who made money in the censor certification process. They too must be celebrating Diwali in advance this year”.

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