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Reheating your Leftover Food – Think Again!

Heating and eating up the leftover is a common practice with all of us as it saves time and money as well. Most of the time we try saving time and effort and heat up the stored eating things from our Fridge. Leftover is not always good and we are bringing to you a list of things which you must avoid heating and eating up.

Before we start with our list… The best principle to follow is to never reheat high-protein foods.

So here is the list of things we must avoid reheating and eating.
1. Green Vegitables which are high in nitrate.
Gree leafy vegetables like spinach must be avoided as they carry high amounts of Iron and heating them up again and again may oxidize the iron levels in it. And eating such foods in the long run can cause diseases like Cancer.

2. Food with Carrot must be avoided.
When you cook food using carrot then storing it and reheating it again for your next meal can cause food poisoning and must be avoided.

3. Eggs and Chicken.
Eggs are high in protein and reheating them can cause harm when reheated. Eggs must be consumed once cooked and must not be kept in Freezers for storage. High protein food carries high levels of nitrogen which can be harmful for your body.

4. Rice
Cooked rice, if reheated can cause food poisoning and is not at all good for your body and stomach. Rice has high presence of Bacteria which if reheated would kill the bacterias and consuming them can be toxic for the body.

5. Potatoes
Food items carring potatoes are also not good for your body if reheated and consumed. Potatoes carry rich source of Vitamin B6 and Vitamin C, which if reheated can increase the levels of Bacteria in it. And again its not good for your Body and Stomach.

So lets think about staying healthy and avoiding the practices of reheating the above things as consuming them can cause food poisoning.

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