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Richa Chadha says – industry didn’t consider me good looking

Richa Chadha says the film industry didn’t consider her good looking because of her skin color and body type.

She said “For the longest time, for most of the industry, I was not good looking. I was good looking only for my mom and dad, because I was dusky, didn’t have a model-like figure.”

Richa Chadha says about the difference between the approach of male and female directors “My third big job in life was to work with Mira Nair to assist in a short film, which hasn’t been released yet. I observed how she walked into the set and commended respect without ever raising her voice.”

She also added “It was a bustling crew which would often fall silent, not out of fear but respect… I saw this woman director, who could be my friend, could also be maternal towards me and I learnt so much from that. It’s fun to work with good director, irrespective of gender.”

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