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Shah Rukh Khan gave his signature pose at a Dubai aquarium

Bollywood star Shah Rukh Khan is now in Dubai. He is there to shoot a short film for Dubai Tourism. Dubai is known for his varied sights, the aquarium and underwater adventure. Shah Rukh went there as part of the shoot and gave his signature pose. It is a slightly odd spot to give that typical romantic pose and Shah Rukh managed to floor us here too!

In fact, he is so cute and charming and there are two scuba divers photo-bombing him. In Dubai there are millions of SRK fans, it is not surprising if someone actually did that to share a moment with the superstar.

The short film is being made by director Kabir Khan. Both are friends since a long time. It goes back beyond the Chak De! India Days. Kabir Khan took a small break from the post-production of Tubelight to make this film with Shah Rukh Khan. When the director requested SRK to make a short appearance in Tubelight, he agreed instantly.

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