The Sweet Apple Mango Smoothie

apple mango smoothie

Its the mango season and its time to enjoy the sweet apple mango smoothie. Its quite simple to prepare the delicious smoothie… So here is the recipe.

Whats Required:
2-3 Apples with 1-2 Mangoes
1-2 Table spoon of Honey with 6-8 pieces of Almonds(soaked)
250 ml Curd

The Process
1. Cut the mango into equal parts and remove the internal seed.
Then gently take out the mango pulp and remove the skin off.

2. Now peel off the apple and slice them into small pieces and don’t forget to remove of the seeds from the apple slices.

3. Put the mango pulp and the apple slices with the curd into a mixer or a blender and add honey as per your taste.

4. Cut almonds into small small pieces and add them into the mixer/blender and mix them up for around 30 seconds until they turn out smooth.

5. Now Refrigerate them for around 2-4 hours and there you are… The Sweet Apple Mango Smoothie is ready for serving.

Enjoy the smoothie this Summer season!

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