Tasty Aloo Patta Gobhi

Tasty Aloo Patta Gobhi

Aloo Patta Gobhi is an easy to cook and everyday dish. Its easily cooked using spices and takes around 35-40 minutes to cook. So come and lets enjoy the recipe of Tasty Aloo Patta Gobhi.

Whats Required
1 piece each of cabbage, medium sized potato, onion and tomato.
1 tblsp each of ginger garlic paste, red chilly powder, cumin seeds, coriander powder, turmeric powder.
20-30ml Cooking Oil and Finally Salt to Taste.

How to Prepare
– Cut the Cabbage, Potato, Onion and Tomatoes into small pieces.
– Bring in a Kadai and add some oil into it and heat it up.
– Add some cumin seeds and heat up for 2-3 minutes.
– After a couple of minutes, add onions and ginger garlic paste.
– Fry them up for around 5-7 minutes till they turn slightly darker in color (brown).
– Then add turmeric powder, chopped tomatoes, red chilli and corriander powder in to it.
– Mix and Cook them up for around 5-7 minutes.
– Now add the chopped potatoes and cook them for another 5-7 minutes.
– Finally add the chopped cabbage and salt as per taste into it and cook them up by covering the kadai with a lid for another 10 minutes.
– Cook them up till water completely evaporates.

So there you are Tasty Aloo Patta Gobhi is ready to be had with Chapatis.

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