The Tasty Idli Recipe

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Tasty Idli is easy to cook and is the lightest form of food and the most healthy as well. Idlis are good to have as Breakfast also as a part of the Dinner. Commonly known as a South Indian Food, Idlis are served hot with Sambhar and Chutney. So come and learn with us the recipe of Delicious Idlis.

Whats Required:
2 Medium sized Cups of Rice with 1 Medium sized Cup of White Urad Daal.
Do have 1-2 Tablespoons of Salt with very small quantity of Baking Soda.
Also do keep Oil for greasing of the Idli Container.
And also do bring in Idli Container.

The Process @ Tastly Idlis
– Wash and soak the daal for around 7-8 hours of time.
– Wash and clean up the rice and grind it in a mixer or a blender.
– Grind the daal as well and mix both of them and max a good forthy paste.
– Add salt as per taste and keep the mixture in a wam place for around 7-8 hours of time.
– Once the mixture is well fermented, Oil up the Idli Container and fill the mixture to 3/4th of all the containers.
– Now steam cook the idlie for around 10-12 minutes of time on medium flame.
– Take out the idlis from the Containers.
And here you are… Tasty Idlis are ready and you can serve them hot with Sambhar and Chutney.

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