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Top 10 Quick Tips on How to Decorate your Home on a Low budget

Quick Tips on How to Decorate your Home

1. Canvas Paintings
Hang canvas paintings on your walls to lighten up the look of your room. Canvas paintings can start for as low as 150 Rs and can be a big handy

tool in styling up your home.

2. Have Smart Tables on the Corners
You can have a smart high table at a very low cost for your Room Corners. Such corner tables can be built up from 1000 Rs onwards and can

look smart with the Canvas paintings.

3. Table or Hanging Lamps
Styling up your home is best suited with if we use Table lamps to enhance the overall look of the Tables and the Corners. You can also use

hanging lamps in the room.

4. Crafty Designer material
You can buy smart crafty material from the local market shops and can decorate your home. Crafty designer things are not expensive as well

and they do give your room a classy look.

5. Hang your TV and Music Systems
Hanging up the Music System, TV or your Gadgets can save you money which you might plan to spend on the Trolleys and the Cabinets.

6. Hanging Family Photos
Family photos simply look awesome if displayed in a Smart and Professional way. They do enhance the overall look of the room and can save

you a few bucks as well.

7. Add a Mirror to a Wall
Adding a mirror to one of the walls can also help you enhance the overall look and feel of the room.

8. Add a Smart Book Shelf.
Smart looking book shelves can also add some extra to your room. And book shelves generally start from a very low price.

9. Wall Graphics
Add a Wall graphic to your wall as that can enhance the look of your walls and will make your room look attractive as well at almost no cost at

all. Wall Graphics are highly used these days to enhance the look of the room.

10. Keep light colored curtains
Keeping light colored easy curtains can keep down your budgets of styling up the windows.

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