The Yummy Coconut Cake

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The Yummy Coconut Cake is easy to make and tastes awesome. Its prepared using eggs and coconut mixture and you would love to have it once cooked.
So come and join us in learning about how to cook the Coconut Cake.

Whats Required
200 grams of Flour, 100 grams of Butter, around 150 grams sugar.
Also do bring in 2-3 small eggs with 100 grams of dried coconut.
1-2 small spoon full of baking powder. And finally 1 litre of milk.

How to Prepare the Yummy Coconut cake recipe
Mix the butter with sugar and add the eggs in it. Mix it for a couple of minutes.
Then add the 200 grams of flour with baking powder in it.
Add the coconut and mix it properly.
Now after mixing up everything… Transfer the mixture into the Cake Container for baking.
Bake the cake at moderate temperature in the oven for around 1 1/4 hours.
And there you are… The Yummy Coconut Cake is ready for Serving.
Enjoy the Cake.

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