The Yummy Dahi Ke Kebab

Whenever we go to a Restaurant we do try ordering… Dahi Ke Kabab. So here is the quick recipe for yummy Dahi ke kabab. Its quite easy and lets go and cook.

Whats Required
1 ltr yoghurt, cornflour to dust, 100 gms cottage cheese, 2-3 chopped onion with approx 30 gms chopped ginger, Coriander Seeds, Black pepper, 10 gms chopped fresh coriander, 1 spoon of cashewnut powder, Approx 10 pieces of chopped raisins, 4 gms each of white pepper powder and cardamom powder. Also do keep Oil and Salt.

The Process
1. Bring in a small cloth and keep it over a bowl and pour the yogurt into it. Some part of the curd will stay up in the cloth.
2. Tie and Hang the cloth till the mixture turns a little cheesy.
3. Now we will make the fillings for the Kebab and will add the cheese with Roasted Coriander Seeds, Black pepper. Also add the chopped onions, ginger and also add salt as per taste. Mix them up well.
4. Now bring the yogurt in a small bowl and add the Coriander and pepper powder in to it.
5. Add Cheese and mix besan, paneer and corn flour together.
6. Finally fill up the mixture into small kebab shaped blocks and fry them deep in oil.

And there you are… Dahi ke kebab ready to serve hot.
Enjoy the yummy Dahi ke Kebab with Pudina chutney or red chilli tomato sauce.

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