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Tips for centre-part hairstyle

If you are tired of styling your hair sideways, no-part hairdo or with bangs, try the centre-part hairdos. With several Hollywood and Bollywood celebs carrying off the middle-part style, you can rock the look, too! It doesn't really look that awkward if you [more]

Things no one told you about protecting your knees

All day long as you walk, run, climb the stairs, your knees take an enormous amount of stress. Before you start panicking, you must know that your knees are designed to take this amount of stress. However, there may be certain habits that you follow unknowingly [more]

20 best ways to relax after a hectic day

We all have times in our lives when we have a lot going on like meeting deadlines, exams, due dates etc, which can affect our stress levels and put our health at risk. So, we have listed the 20 best ways to unwind after a hectic day. Take 5-minute breaks every [more]

Natural air fresheners for your home

Whether it is the stink of damp clothes inside the house during monsoon or leftovers from the kitchen spreading a foul smell — you immediately try to reach for the room freshener. Thus, we bring you easy tips to refresh your home with these do-it-yourself [more]

Fashion myths short girls should break!

There are a million fashion rules out there, which could be tested, and styling for a short casing is one of them. We solidly believe that being vertically tested should never prevent you from wearing what you want to! Read on for styling tips based on the most [more]

Best home remedies for smooth and silky hair

Every woman dreams of smooth and silky hair, but in order to get beautiful hair, women need to protect their hair from harsh chemicals and instead nourish it with natural remedies. During the festive season, hair is prone to get damaged due to incessant blow [more]

SMS of the day
body hair
Why Do We Have Hair?

Like most mammals, people have hair over most of their bodies. We aren’t covered with fur all over our bodies like animals are, and scientists think that people today have less hair than primitive humans did. Because of the way … readmore

Find someone you can like
Find someone you can like

Every person looks for the “right person.” But never expect too much. All of us have our shortcomings. You have to compromise. You might wait virtually all your life before finally finding a person who has got everything you ever … readmore

5 Worst Makeup Mistakes

Dry Paint Nothing can be worse than applying foundation or dabbing compact powder on a dry face! You might make this mistake when in a hurry. However, no matter how little time you have, do not wear any makeup unless … readmore

Reverse shampoo routine
Reverse shampoo routine for healthier hair

Want softer and bouncy curls? Then try the reverse shampooing technique. One of the hottest haircare trends, this method requires you to first condition your hair and then wash it off with shampoo. Experts and those who have tried this … readmore


General: They do each and everything very honestly. They love animals passionately. He is very frank. Most of the time the typical Sagittarian is happy and gregarious, but his temper can flare like a sky rocket if he’s pushed around … readmore

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