7 best foods for weight loss

If you've been striving to lose weight and haven't been able to do so, here's how you can... We select seven foods for you that will help you shed those pounds faster than you've thought. 1. Almonds: Did you know that these nuts are packed with the best [more]

Home remedies to cure constipation

Faulty diets are a major cause of constipation. Keeping this in mind, here are a few home remedies to cure constipation. Raisins( Monakka): They are a very effective cure for constipation. Take 10 to 12 pieces of Monakka (wash, slit open and remove seeds) and [more]

5 Easy Ways to Update a Room

You don’t have to hire a decorator (or break the bank) to give a room a quick update with lots of impact. So whether you’re getting ready to sell, have just moved in or feel like a mini overhaul, these five tips will have you enjoying the room of your dreams [more]

7 Tips to help organise your Living Area

However, if do not want to spend a lot and still want your house to look organised,. Just get rid of these seven simple things and you can change the look of your living room instantly. Here's a tip: 1. Bills, envelopes and invites Most living rooms have a [more]

5 foods to avoid in Summer

While drinking enough water is crucial, one must also have the right foods to stay fit and healthy in summer. And some foods can play havoc on the system at this time. Here are the foods that should be avoided... Too much spice: Spice powders can certainly [more]

5 Benefits to eat mangoes

Health benefits of mangoes 1. Aids digestion: Mangoes contain several enzymes that help in breaking down protein. This is the reason people eat mangoes after a hearty meal. The fibrous content of the fruit along with vitamins, minerals and probiotic dietary [more]

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Unka ashiyana dil mein basa rakha hai,

Unka ashiyana dil mein basa rakha hai, Unki yadon ko seene se laga rakha hai, Pata nahi yaad aate hain wohi kyun, Vaise dost to hamne auron ko bhi bana rakha hai.

Muskrahat To Baant Te Hai Sub

Muskrahat To Baant Te Hai Sub Ghum Mein Bass Dost Pass Aate Hain Ye Haqeeqat Hai Mere Dost, Maan Lo Is Ko Ashq Aankhon Mein Hi To Aate Hain

Health Care Tips For Dogs

Preventative Health Care Tips For Dogs 1.REMEMBER ANNUAL VET VISITS One of the best ways to prevent health problems in your pets is to maintain annual wellness exams with your veterinarian. Your vet will check your dog from head to … readmore


Planning to visit? First of all, get rid of all your prejudices. If something should be said about Colombians and Colombia, it is that everything here is done passionately: living, partying and arguing. “Intense” might be a word that describes … readmore

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Nail Care Tips

Do you have brittle, cracked and coarse nails? Did you know that having bad nails is infact a sign of having bad health? Nail problems may signal a more serious disorder such as asthma, emphysema or heart disease, improper nutrition … readmore

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7 Tips to help organise your Living Area
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